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Millions of animals make up the huge system of life on Earth, while we, the human beings, neglect such a vigorous world day by day. The increasing economic activities of us result in animals being slaughtered and their habitats being shrunk. All these are raising concerns about their survival. It is believed that our embroidered patch is more than just a commodity. Hopefully, it can raise adults’ and children’s awareness of animal conservation through our delicate but unremitting struggle.  






Taiwan Embroidered Patch

It is said that the moment Portuguese sailors discovered Taiwan in the 16th century, they excitedly shouted, "Ilha Formosa!" ("A Beautiful Island!")

Being an island, Taiwan has rich natural landscapes and ecological resources. So, it is almost a kingdom of animals and plants. There are more than 50,000 species in Taiwan, and the number of marine species is 400 times the average of other countries. Taiwan is worthy of its name: a Beautiful Island.

However, Taiwan's population density increases every year. In such a context, conflicts between industry and nature escalate, and the number of local animals decreases speedily. More and more people begin to pay attention to issues about the environment and wildlife conservation.

Endangered Animals Embroidered Patch

Endangered species are the animals that face extinction shortly due to overfishing, poaching, environmental damage, loss of habitat, etc. This crisis is closer than we thought. Over the past hundred years, species have been vanishing speedily, more than a quarter of the world's animals are facing extinction.

In addition to the endangered species listed on the IUCN Red List, this series of the embroidered patch also include other species that are suffering the same issues.

Extinct Animals Embroidered Patch

We don't get a chance to see these animals with our own eyes, but they did exist. These animals were once powerful and beautiful, but they became extinct because of human beings.

Prehistoric impacts, volcanic activity, climate change...etc., extinctions for other reasons prompted the evolution of surviving animals, making new species more adaptable to the environment. However, the extinction caused by modern humans did not lead to a new evolution, only to reduce the population of species, and even destroy our living environment.

Imagine that leaving only fence and caged livestock, how lonely would the earth be?